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Zehnder Metropolitan Spa Dual Energy Radiator

Zehnder Metropolitan Spa Dual Energy Radiator

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25 - 30 working days
Guarantee 5 Years
Heat output @ ΔT=50K
327/1115 - 775/2644 Watts/BTU
Immersion Rating - 300 - 750 Watts

SKU: METM-080-040/GF

805x400 (METM-080-040/GF) 31753151152228
Width: 400mm
Height: 805mm
Weight: 6.5kg
Delta 50 Watts: 327
Delta 50 BTU: 1116
Postition: Vertical
1225x400 (METM-120-040/GF) 31753151119460
Width: 400mm
Height: 1225mm
Weight: 9.8kg
Delta 50 Watts: 474
Delta 50 BTU: 1617
Postition: Vertical
1225x500 (METM-120-050/GF) 31753151184996
Width: 500mm
Height: 1225mm
Weight: 11.7kg
Delta 50 Watts: 561
Delta 50 BTU: 1914
Postition: Vertical
1225x600 (METM-120-060/GF) 31753151217764
Width: 600mm
Height: 1225mm
Weight: 13.5kg
Delta 50 Watts: 645
Delta 50 BTU: 2201
Postition: Vertical
1540x500 (METM-150-050/GF) 31753151250532
Width: 500mm
Height: 1540mm
Weight: 13.5kg
Delta 50 Watts: 690
Delta 50 BTU: 2354
Postition: Vertical
1750x500 (METM-180-050/GF) 31753151316068
Width: 500mm
Height: 1750mm
Weight: 16.3kg
Delta 50 Watts: 775
Delta 50 BTU: 2644
Postition: Vertical

The Zehnder Metropolitan Spa is a modern, stylish and elegant interpretation of the traditional towel radiator which is perfect for modern bathrooms and wet rooms. Dimensions range from 805mm x 400mm to 1750mm x 500mm. This dual energy version incorporates a factory fitted immersion heater and remote controller which allow the radiator to continue to offer warmth and comfort throughout the summer months when the central heating system is not in use. IPX4 Rated.

This radiator is available in any of the Zehnder Colour System colours – see here - at a cost of the standard white + 25%. Colour swatches can be ordered here and the cost is refundable either when you return the swatch or place an order. Delivery of coloured radiators is normally c.4 weeks. Please contact us for further details.

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