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Zehnder Folio Vertical Radiator

Zehnder Folio Vertical Radiator

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25 – 30 working days
Heat output @ ΔT=50K
614 - 1123 Watts
2095 - 3832 BTU

SKU: FZV-180-042

1796x441 (FZV-180-042) 43861374697724
Width: 441mm
Height: 1796mm
Weight: 9.2kg
Delta 50 Watts: 614
Delta 50 BTU: 2095
Postition: Vertical
1796x540 (FZV-180-052) 43861375647996
Width: 540mm
Height: 1796mm
Weight: 10.3kg
Delta 50 Watts: 762
Delta 50 BTU: 2600
Postition: Vertical
1796x640 (FZV-180-062) 43861375680764
Width: 640mm
Height: 1796mm
Weight: 11.6kg
Delta 50 Watts: 912
Delta 50 BTU: 3112
Postition: Vertical
1796x740 (FZV-180-072) 43861375713532
Width: 740mm
Height: 1796mm
Weight: 12.9kg
Delta 50 Watts: 1064
Delta 50 BTU: 3630
Postition: Vertical
1956x445 (FZV-200-042) 43861378793724
Width: 445mm
Height: 1956mm
Weight: 9.6kg
Delta 50 Watts: 651
Delta 50 BTU: 2221
Postition: Vertical
1956x545 (FZV-200-052) 43861378826492
Width: 545mm
Height: 1956mm
Weight: 11.8kg
Delta 50 Watts: 807
Delta 50 BTU: 2753
Postition: Vertical
1956x644 (FZV-200-062) 43861378859260
Width: 644mm
Height: 1956mm
Weight: 14.2kg
Delta 50 Watts: 964
Delta 50 BTU: 3289
Postition: Vertical
1956x744 (FZV-200-072) 43861378892028
Width: 744mm
Height: 1956mm
Weight: 16.6kg
Delta 50 Watts: 1123
Delta 50 BTU: 3832
Postition: Vertical

The Zehnder Folio Vertical is sleek, subtle and sophisticated.  With its tapered design, it makes the perfect room radiator, providing both a statement and plenty of heat thanks to its aluminium, honeycomb design.  It is suitable for all low temperature heating systems, heat pumps, condensing boilers and open or closed heating systems.  

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