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  • Manufactured in Germany for over 90 years: proven and tested quality manufacture.
  • EN Marked tested to EN442: harmonised test standard to ensure published output data is achievable
  • Laser Welding: ensures precise welding, stronger and better quality welds with premium quality finish. More traditional flash welding will result in metal filings clogging up your system and filters and therefore are less efficient.
  • Durable and longer lasting finish: All painted radiators have a primer coating and then finished with epoxy powder coating colour finish, which is extremely resistant to corrosion.
  • Designed for Fully reversible Installation: Charleston is fully symmetrical meaning that it can easily be installed with fittings on the left or right by simply turning the radiator.
  • Tested to 15 bar: With a maximum working pressure of 10 bar - most domestic dwellings 1 to 1.5 bar.
  • Easy Mounting: Brackets are fully flexible both horizontally and vertically to allow easy mounting into existing battens.
  • Brackets, air vent and blanking plug included: allows confidence when ordering and no surprise extra costs
  • Manufactured for optimum performance: flow diverter already welded into the radiator to ensure optimum performance and output
  • Multiple connection positions available: can be ordered to suit virtually any existing configuration of pipe work.

The Zehnder Charleston radiator has played a key part in the Company’s success over the past 80 years.

Continuous advances in the quality of production methods and technology has kept the Charleston Multi-column at the forefront of the radiator market.

Take a look behind the scenes to discover how they are made.

High quality, using the latest technology and production methods

This is how the famous Zehnder Charleston Multi-column is made

During the first phase of production of a multi-column radiator, steel strips are wound into a coil measuring 1200mm to 1500mm in diameter and weighing over 2 tonnes. Steel tubes measuring 4 to 6 metres are used to create the radiator columns.

Production of the collector

The coils of steel are punched by a press to create the two halves of the collector. The two pieces are then welded together to form double-machined heads. These headers are then sanded and cut in half to create two collectors. These elements are then quality checked before moving onto the next stage.

Production of the section

The collectors and the tubes are now welded together and then ground to make neat joins. At each stage the sections are checked and quality controlled.

The sections are hermetically sealed and then immersed in a bath of water. Each section is then subjected to a pressure of 16 bar to check for leaks.


The radiator sections are now connected to each other using tip-welding. Further testing then checks each radiator for leaks.

After testing, the radiator is suspended ready for the next stage in production.

The finishing touches

First of all the radiators are cleaned to remove any dust and grease. Next a base coat is applied using an electrophoretic technique in order to protect against corrosion and to give a perfect base. The radiator is then placed into a furnace, baking the primer on to the steel at about 180°C.

After sufficient cooling, the radiator is moved along the production line ready for powder coating. Powder coating is much more environmentally friendly than wet painting. Standard white radiators are automatically painted, whereas all other colours and finishes are manually sprayed.

The radiator is then returned to the oven where the powder melts evenly and gives the radiator a perfect finish that is resistant to shock and heat.

Before packing, each radiator is thoroughly quality checked once again and then up to 98% of radiators are packaged and wrapped using a fully automated system.

600mm x 854mm - White RAL 9016

600mm x 854mm - White RAL 9016

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Anthracite (600mm high models only)/White - 5 -7 working days
Colours - 25- 30 working days
Guarantee 5 Years

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Delta 50 Watts:
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The Zehnder Charleston is the original multi column radiator and whilst the techniques and precision of manufacture have changed, it is still being produced to the original design from the 1930's and so retains its authentic appeal. It is available in a wide variety of sizes to suit your project.

The 3 Column range Heat output @ ΔT=50K

722 - 2071 Watts
2463 - 7066 BTU


Here's how they are made!

This radiator is available in any of the Zehnder Colour System colours – see here - at a cost of the standard white + 25%. Colour swatches can be ordered here and the cost is refundable either when you return the swatch or place an order. Delivery of coloured radiators is normally c.4 weeks. Please contact us for further details.

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