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Zehnder Ax Spa Towel Rail

Zehnder Ax Spa Towel Rail

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White (except ZA-060-100/060-120)/Volcanic, Beige Quartz & Brown Quartz (ZA-048-040/060-080/060-090 sizes only)/Chrome (ZA-080-050/120-050/120/060/150-040/150-050/180-050 sizes only)- 5 -7 working days

Non Stock Sizes/Colours: 25- 30 working days
Guarantee 5 Years
Heat output @
230- 1485 Watts

785 - 5067 BTU

SKU: ZA-048-040

484x400 (ZA-048-040) 31753148989540
Width: 400mm
Height: 484mm
Weight: 4.5kg
Delta 50 Watts: 230
Delta 50 BTU: 785
Postition: Vertical
575x800 (ZA-060-080) 31753149022308
Width: 800mm
Height: 575mm
Weight: 10.2kg
Delta 50 Watts: 458
Delta 50 BTU: 1563
Postition: Horizontal
575x900 (ZA-060-090) 31753149055076
Width: 900mm
Height: 575mm
Weight: 11.3kg
Delta 50 Watts: 515
Delta 50 BTU: 1757
Postition: Horizontal
575x1000 (ZA-060-100) 31753149120612
Width: 1000mm
Height: 575mm
Weight: 12.4kg
Delta 50 Watts: 573
Delta 50 BTU: 1955
Postition: Horizontal
575x1200 (ZA-060-120) 31753149153380
Width: 1200mm
Height: 575mm
Weight: 14.5kg
Delta 50 Watts: 687
Delta 50 BTU: 2344
Postition: Horizontal
836x500 (ZA-080-050) 31753149186148
Width: 500mm
Height: 836mm
Weight: 8.6kg
Delta 50 Watts: 427
Delta 50 BTU: 1457
Postition: Vertical
1188x500 (ZA-120-050) 31753149218916
Width: 500mm
Height: 1188mm
Weight: 12kg
Delta 50 Watts: 586
Delta 50 BTU: 1999
Postition: Vertical
1188x600 (ZA-120-060) 31753149251684
Width: 600mm
Height: 1188mm
Weight: 13.7kg
Delta 50 Watts: 685
Delta 50 BTU: 2337
Postition: Vertical
1540x400 (ZA-150-040) 31753149284452
Width: 400mm
Height: 1540mm
Weight: 12.3kg
Delta 50 Watts: 614
Delta 50 BTU: 2095
Postition: Vertical
1540x500 (ZA-150-050) 31753149317220
Width: 500mm
Height: 1540mm
Weight: 14.4kg
Delta 50 Watts: 738
Delta 50 BTU: 2518
Postition: Vertical
1804x500 (ZA-180-050) 31753149349988
Width: 500mm
Height: 1804mm
Weight: 18.6kg
Delta 50 Watts: 884
Delta 50 BTU: 3016
Postition: Vertical

The Ax Spa (formerly the Altai Spa) is available in single or double tube options as well as a variety of heights if the only wall space available is under a window. It is stocked in chrome, white, beige quartz and brown quartz and volcanic. An optional immersion heater allows the radiator to continue to offer warmth and comfort throughout the summer months when the central heating system is not in use (single tube models only).

This radiator is available in any of the Zehnder Colour System colours – see here - at a cost of the standard white + 25%. Colour swatches can be ordered here and the cost is refundable either when you return the swatch or place an order. Delivery of coloured radiators is normally c.4 weeks. Please contact us for further details.

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