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The full Zehnder filter range is available. Most are held ex stock for delivery in 1 - 2 working days
There are 2 filters located in your Zehnder MVHR unit. These remove airborne dirt and debris to:

1. Ensure the air supplied to the home is suitably filtered of airborne particles.
2. Protect the unit from becoming clogged with dirt, dust and fibres.

The filter grades available are: G3, G4 and F7.
G grade filters are suitable for coarse particles (dust, sand, hair) and efficient for particles ≥ 10 μm.
F grade filters are suitable for fine dust and efficient for particles ≥ 1 μm i.e. pollen.

If occupants are sensitive to fine airborne particles i.e. pollen, a single F7 filter can be used on the supply (incomimg air) side of the unit.

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