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iCON The iCON range – the fan like no other!

Designed to combine performance with stunning looks and offer the ultimate solution for the discerning customer, iCON sets new standards for residential ventilation.

Comfort – to the ear and to the body - iCON uses a unique iris shutter system which opens and closes as the fan is switched on/off and it does this with near silent operation and so is easy on the ear. Additionally, when closed, it seals tight to provide an effective anti-backdraught system so there are no cold draughts on the back on a winters night

Easy on the eye - and when closed, the iris shutter seals transform the fan from an efficient working unit into a stylish discreet item working in harmony with your room for that extra touch of class is available in a range of 5 colour finishes.

iCON is available in 3 sizes – click on the model for your room to begin selection

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