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If you are worried about appearances, then this is for you

Apart from performance, then how a fan looks is important to most people. The aesthetics of fans has progressed in recent years and there is now a variety of differing styles to choose from.


Traditional fans


The ‘traditional’ look of a fan with a grille with slots to let the air through – nothing too complicated. It is a look we are all familiar with and millions of these are sold in the UK each year. So if you don’t want anything too fussy and want a traditional fan for a traditional job then click here (CLICK HERE FOR A LINK TO OUR TRADITIONAL RANGE)

Discreet Fans

This traditional look has however been superseded by the introduction of ‘Discreet’ looking fans. These have a neutral (almost always white) cover which is flat or slightly curved and so neutralises the view of the fan. The air is sucked in around the edges and this has the advantage of not only reducing the impact of the appearance but also, with the flatter surface, making it easier to clean.

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