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Aventa Silent
The Aventa Silent range has been specifically designed to give outstanding pressure handing and air flow at greatly reduced noise levels compared with standard units. All models in the range have two speeds which can either be set at install or, to ventilate premises with high demands for permanent temperature control eg. Greenhouses, an optional electronic temperature and speed control module is available.

The durable external casing is made of polymer coated steel. The inner casing perforation let’s sound waves pass through the holes and fall at a specific angle to the
sound absorbing layer. The casing is internally heat and sound insulated with a 50mm mineral layer and the conic impeller with special blade profiling increases air flow
speed and provides higher pressure.

The fans can be mounted at any place or angle within the ductwork and several fans can be installed in parallel in the same system to achieve a higher air capacity or in series to achieve higher pressure.

The Aventa Silent is recommended as a component of an air handling systems for commercial and industrial premises where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum, for example, libraries, conference rooms, educational institutions and crèches.

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