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Air conditioning units are designed to reduce the temperature of a room. To do this, hot air from the room is drawn in to the air conditioning unit to flow over very cold refrigerant. This cools the air which is then returned to the room whilst the hot air is expelled from the back of the unit through a hose to the outside.

The Epicair units can be plugged into the mains socket. The exhaust air should be expelled through a hole in the wall or window. A kit is provided with the unit to help with this.

Our units are designed for rooms of up to 24m2 the Aspen Xtra provides dynamic cooling all year round. Available in two models – cooling only or cooling with heating, the unit is designed for residential or light commercial use in rooms up to 24m².

Designed to constantly monitor the room temperature the unit switches to sleeper when it achieves the optimal room temperature. With 3 speed settings, 24 hour timer function and a handy remote control unit the Aspen Xtra unit provides a simple and effective way of controlling the temperature of your room environment.

Overall the Aspen Xtra unit offers Class A Energy Efficiency and offers an economical way to keep cool or warm all year round.


A BTU is a measurement of the amount of energy required to cool or heat one pound of water by one degree farenheit at a constant pressure of one atmosphere. This helps establish how ‘powerful’ a unit is and gives a rough guide as to the room size the unit may be suited for. As arough guide, a unit of 7,000 - 10,000 BTU’s is suited for rooms of c.18 sq mtrs, units of 10,000 - 15,000 BTU’s suited for rooms up to 24sq mtr and 15,000 BTU’s + suited for rooms of 36 sq mtrs. These are guidance figures so if the room experiences a significant amount of heat - from solar gain via windows or the top floor of a flat, it is sensible to chose a larger unit to compensate.

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