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Need a window fan – this is for you

Fan installation in windows is a common feature and there are a number of things to bear in mind in order for it to be a success. Below is a quick overview of features and things to consider when deciding on the right approach for you.

There are 6 fans in our range which have the option of being fitted into a window – 3 Standard and 3 Low Energy.

Standard – traditional AC motor fans with window kit options.

  • Elite 100mm
  • Elite 150mm Kitchen fan (Kitchen Window)
  • Elite - shutter system on fan removes the needs for shutters on the window kit
  • Requires a glazing hole of either 108 or 118mm – check model
  • Can be fitted in single or double glazing of 4mm – 28mm
  • These are made of plastic which is UV stabilised to protect from the effects of the Sun.

Low Energy – these are the latest fan models with modern low energy DC motors complimented by new window kits designed with the most modern techniques to provide additional features

  • Omnique OF 100 _ kitchen or bathroom, Samika LE100 bathroom (LINKS) 118mm glazing hole
  • LE150 Kitchen fan (Kitchen window) – 167 mm glazing hole
  • Increased security – designed in conjunction with leading housing providers to ensure that areas of intruder risk are removed
  • Robust material – manufactured from polycarbonate – the same as used for making hard hats so it has durability and core strength
  • Soft close shutters – Samika – added features to reduce noise caused by opening/closing of the shutters and prevent draughts
  • Silent shutters – Omnique – shutter system on fan removes the needs for shutters on the window kit, are 100% silent and also prevents heat loss and draughts
  • Privacy – designed to remove the possibility for external viewing into the room


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