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Collection: Single Inlet Fans

● Filter units

● Electronic internal component cooling

● IC testing

● Cooling large motors and transformers

● Photographic processing equipment

● Packaging machinery

● Plastic extrusion

● PCB manufacture

● Solder extraction fumes

● Leisure applications, bouncy castle etc

● Car washers * Note - Fans are not suitable for EEXE, EEXD, ATEX or corrosive atmospheres

This range of fans has been developed to provide reasonable volumes of air against resistances to flow greater than can be achieved from small tube axial fans. As the name denotes these fans feature a single inlet to the fan scroll which enables them to achieve this greater volume performance. Compact overall dimensions have been achieved using forward curved, centrifugal impellers and two-pole (typically 2800 rev/min.) motors. The range has fans covering flow rates from 2.8 l/sec to 130 l/sec and static pressures up to 500 Pa for the largest unit.

Driven by either open frame shaded pole, ventilated voltage shaded pole or permanent capacitor type motors, very low maintenance is achieved by incorporating ‘sealed for life’ bearings typically offering bearing life L10. 25,000 hours in ideal conditions. Test data in accordance with BS 848 Part1/ ISO 5801-2007. * A degree of speed control is available on models 33BTFL, 40BTFL, 45CTL by voltage variation

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