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Collection: Single Inlet EC Fans

Typical applications:

● Compact cooling in electronics / server cabinets

● Lighting and cinema equipment

● Smaller air conveying systems

● Fume cupboards

● Museum interactive displays

● Plastic manufacturing extrusions

● Any application demanding ‘space critical’ air movement

● Note - Fans are not suitable for EEXE, EEXD, ATEX or corrosive atmosphere

A range of compact high efficiency driven EC fans that achieve from 83 l/s to 115 l/s and fully comply to the minimum efficiency regulation rates of ErP 327/2011 – 2013 and 2015. The fans incorporate integrated EC type motors with tablock constructed forward curved impellers dynamically balanced to grade 2.5 DIN ISO 1940. Constructed from mild steel with a robust paint finish, each fan casing is fitted with an outlet flange incorporating fixing holes for ease of installation. Simply choose a compliant EC fan for your new high efficiency application.

The fans in this range are eminently suitable for speed control via voltage variation 0-10V input and come supplied with direct flying lead 230V and 0-10V connection to the motor. Very low maintenance achieved by use of sealed for life bearings in the EC motors, typically offering bearing life L10. 25,000 hours in ideal conditions and can be universally mounted via flange. Test data in accordance with BS 848 Part1/ ISO 5801-2007.

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