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If you need a shower fan then this is for you

Due to bathrooms being classified as areas of increased electrical hazard, products that are installed in them are subject to additional regulation. This is done in two ways:

  1. The bathroom is divided into a series of Zones - which are assessed depending on the proximity of water, electricity and people to each other – see diagram below

2. Products to be fitted into a bathroom are assessed for safety to see which Zone that are suited – see below



As shower fans are generally fitted within Zone 1 the regulations require that any fan sited in this Zone should have a minimum rating of IPX4(IP44) and, if there is a likelihood of water jets being used for cleaning purposes, a minimum of IPX5 is required. Whilst this is the minimum, SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage – click here for further information SELV FANS) fans are often used for increased peace of mind and we have a range of SELV products some which can be used if required. Additionally, we also have a range of bathroom suited shower kits which have been designed to work with up to 3 metres of ducting. The choice available is extensive and includes; Silent Duct fan (100mm) Silent fan shower kit (100mm) Silent fan shower kit with light (100mm) High performance shower kit with light (115mm)

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