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Looking for a Low Energy fan, then this is for you


There is no strict definition as to what comprises a Low Energy fan and so various manufacturers have attached different definitions to the term. Below, is a quick overview of the situation which will hopefully clarify things a little.

Traditional bathroom fans consume between 15 – 25 watts of electricity. These generally use AC motors which tend to be less efficient than their more contemporary alternatives. As the focus has shifted towards reducing energy consumption as part of the Green movement, so new technology has been adopted to run more efficiently and lessen electrical consumption. This is where the appeal of Low Energy fans has arisen and new products developed.

All fans categorised by Epicair as ‘Low Energy’ incorporate modern DC motors and are designed to run at a minimum of 1.1 watts and a maximum of 9 watts which provides a substantial reduction in energy use vs. their traditional counterparts. To try and put this into perspective, this means that a Low Energy intermittent fan, used at an average of 2 hours per day, will cost somewhere between £0.12 - £0.99p a year to run. This when compared to standard fans that typically use 2 or 3 times the energy represents a significant saving of energy. But what does it mean? Well, realistically it should make a saving of c.£2.00 per year.  Yes, we appreciate it’s not a going to go too far towards that once in a lifetime holiday but, it does save energy, it’s enough to buy a Lottery ticket and after that, who knows what could happen.

Note;The above figures are based on an average of 2hours daily use with 1Kw of energy costing £0.15p

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