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Loovent eco is an exceptionally quiet , powerful, 2 speed centrifugal fan designed to deliver up to 30 l/s air flow. The smallest fan in its class, Loovent is suitable for bathrooms, en-suites and utility rooms. With over one million units of the fan sold, Loovent is a tried, tested and approved product.

Loovent eco is also exceptionally versatile as, in addition to being suited to longer duct runs, it can be surface mounted or recessed, and installed in either portrait or landscape profile.

Designed to meet the requirements of Building Regulations and help keep your home free of the effects of condensation, mould growth, odours and indoor pollutants, Loovent eco has been designed to use minimal amounts of energy of just 3.6/12w depending on speed.

There is a full range of models including standard 230v intermittent operation, continuous running dMEV and low voltage (SELV) models.

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