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Collection: Duplex Fans

Typical applications:

● Air curtains

● Laminar flow / clean air cabinets

● Fan coil units / heat exchangers

● Air convection systems

● Filtration systems

● Military applications

● Medical applications

● Clean room environment

● Fabric conditioning / drying * Note - Fans are not suitable for EEXE, EEXD, ATEX or corrosive atmospheres

Duplex fans The duplex or twin scroll fan unit is basically two fans driven from a common motor which has a double shaft. The purpose of the design is to provide air across a broad front, for example a water to air heat exchanger. They have an inherent advantage over the crossflow (or tangential) fan in that the forward curved centrifugal impellers have a better pressure development characteristic The duplex fan covers up to 160 l/sec giving a definitive profile / volume advantage. Suitable for ambient air temperatures to 40ºC

Driven by 2 pole dual voltage, motor, with impeller constructed from aluminium within mild steel casing. Electrical connection is via flying lead on terminal block for ease of installation, normally via the pre-drilled outlet flanges, very low maintenance achieved by use of sealed for life bearings allowing a typical bearing life L10 – 25,000 hours in ideal conditions. Test

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