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Zehnder Pera Towel Rail
Zehnder Pera Towel Rail

Is dual energy for you?

Zehnder and Bisque radiators can be fitted with dual energy heating options to continue to offer warmth and comfort throughout the home during summer months when the central heating system is not in use.

To make your radiator work in this manner, in addition to your towel rail you will need valves and an electric element with controls.

The element will be fitted on the ‘return’ side of vertical tubes on either side of the towel rail. This is the side the water flows out from, not into, the towel rail. If you need to identify this, please talk with your installer.

Depending on your chosen towel rail the valves may be able to be installed in the central connection points if your towel rail has these. This simplifies the installation as the element and valves are separated.

If your rail does not have central connections, it will need to be fitted with valves that can accommodate the element, like this:

or, via a ‘T’ piece which offsets the pipework like this:

Switch off the central heating

Vent the radiator to ensure there isn’t any air present

Close the flow valve (only)

Activate the immersion heater as required

De-activate the immersion heater

Open the flow valve

The immersion heater should be fitted on the ‘return’ side of the radiator.

Simultaneous use of the electrical element and the central heating should be avoided as this will shorten the life of the element and invalidate the warranty.

We recommend that all electrical work be undertaken in accordance with current I.E.E wiring regulations. If in doubt of zoning requirements, we recommend that a 30mA R.C.D is installed.

'Dual energy' units are designed to be used for occasional heating i.e. Summer when it is a cool evening, the main heating is off but you would like to heat the bathroom only. In this situation you would use the electric element for a few hours and turn off.

If you require electricity only, then an additional heating element is not suitable – please choose an electric towel rail.

Zehnder Pera Towel Rail

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SKU: PER-080-050
Mirror / 800x500 (PER-080-050) 27653404426340
Radiator Type: Dual Fuel
Immersion Rating:
Width: 500mm
Height: 800mm
Weight: 4.8kg
Delta 50 Watts: 187
Delta 50 BTU: 638
Postition: Vertical
Mirror / 1200x500 (PER-120-050) 27912099201124
Radiator Type: Dual Fuel
Immersion Rating:
Width: 500mm
Height: 1200mm
Weight: 6.6kg
Delta 50 Watts: 269
Delta 50 BTU: 918
Postition: Vertical
Mirror / 1500x500 (PER-150-050) 27912101724260
Radiator Type: Dual Fuel
Immersion Rating:
Width: 500mm
Height: 1500mm
Weight: 7.6kg
Delta 50 Watts: 334
Delta 50 BTU: 1140
Postition: Vertical

Less is definitely more with this chic stainless steel towel radiator, as the refined construction allows the tubes to meld gently into one another.  The Pera brings a quiet elegance to both modern and traditional bathrooms.

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