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Collection: Double Inlet fans

Typical applications:

● Filter units

● VAV boxes

● Smaller AHUs

● Domestic heat recovery

● General ventilation

● Industrial warm air movement

● Telecommunications / phone transmitter cabins

● Environmental chambers

● Special effects for the film industry

● Swimming pool / tennis court domes

● Clean air flow across workstations

This range of fans are designed specifically for applications where low noise levels and/or space is an issue. Both models offer a good range of motor speed via voltage variation. Suitable for ambient temperatures of 40˚C with inbuilt thermal protection. Dynamically balanced to DIN ISO 1940 G. 6.3.

Models in this range feature forward curved impellers constructed from aluminium with fan cases fabricated from mild steel. For ease of installation units have fitted outlet flanges which have pre drilled mounting holes. Units can be mounted vertically or horizontally. For ease of electrical connection units are supplied with flying leads or pre wired capacitor with terminal block. Low maintenance is achieved by using “Sealed for life” type bearings allowing a typical bearing life L10-25,000 hours in ideal conditions. Impellers are balanced at manufacture. Test Data in Accordance with BS 848 part 1/ISO 5801-2007.

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