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Collection: Double Inlet EC

Typical applications:

● VAV boxes

● Waste recycling

● General ventilation

● Industrial warm air movement

● Telecommunications / phone transmitter cabins

● Environmental chambers

● Special effects for the film industry

● Swimming pool / tennis court domes

● Clean air flow across workstations

A large range of high efficiency EC fans designed specifically for applications where low noise levels and/ or space criticality are an issue. All models offer a good range of volume control via 0-10V input, due to the high efficiency EC motor. Exceeding minimum regulation efficiency requirements for EU 327/2011 - 2013 and 2015. These fans allow you to choose a high efficiency EC fan for your new application or replace a less efficient model in your existing application. See technical data table for replacement comparison.

The fans incorporate integrated EC type motors with forward curved impellers dynamically balanced to grade 6.3 Din ISO 1940. Fan cases are constructed from galvanised mild steel which is then powder coated blue. Impellers are manufactured from galvanised mild steel. Each fan casing is fitted with an outlet flange incorporating fixing holes for ease of installation. With a standard 230V electrical supply and controlled via 0-10V input, varying duty points can be selected for each fan by the user.

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